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Hello! On here you can find my recent features from The Herts Advertiser and Welwyn Hatfield Times. They appear in each paper every fortnight and I pop them on here as soon as the paper is out.

My Herts Advertiser column covers St Albans, Harpenden, Redbourn, Radlett, Wheathamstead and the villages, and the Welwyn & Hatfield Times column covers WGC, old Welwyn, Hatfield and villages. You will find things about local farmers, producers, pubs, independent shops, cafes and restaurants. You won’t find anything about big chains as they don’t need any more encouragement! Our local area has FANTASTIC local produce and business so let’s give it our support!

I also post local foodie news such as openings, special events, what’s seasonal, farmer’s markets, festivals etc so let me know if you have any news, and I’ll spread the word.

Everything I write about is because I really like it and want to share the information. No money exchanges hands, although I can be bribed with really good home-made cake.

EMAIL: for Welwyn & Hatfield Times please email news@whtimes.co.uk and for Herts Advertiser please email becky.alexander.editorial@gmail.com

ABOUT ME: I’m a food writer and book editor. I’m in the Guild of Food Writers. I’ve lived in St Albans for 15 years and often work in London for book publishers such as Bloomsbury, Penguin, Dorling Kindersley, Vermilion and Nourish Books. My first food book Packed! co-written with nutritionist Michelle Lake was published in February 2017 by Nourish Books. It features @80 ideas and recipes for delicious packed lunches/ breakfasts/snacks for adults, each one packed with nutrition. It received 5/5 from the British Association of Nutritional Therapists and in its first week was in the Amazon Top 12 ‘hot’ food book list! Packed has featured in Delicious, Top Sante, Coast, The Guardian and many more fab publications.

You can find me on twitter @thelocalfoodie and on instagram posting with my co-author Michelle @packedwithgoodthings.

I think we are very lucky to have such great independent local restaurants and cafes; Hertfordshire is a great place to live and eat.

Becky Alexander


2 Responses to About

  1. Cassie Best says:

    Hi Becky,

    Just wanted to drop you an email to say how much I enjoy your column in the Herts Ad every other week. It’s great to hear all about our local food news, especially local producers and events going on in Herts.

    I am a local foodie like yourself and I am currently studying for a diploma at Leiths school of food and wine in London. When I finish I’m hoping to work in food media, and would love to get the opportunity to do some work experience with a food writer such as yourself to learn the ropes (tea making and all!) If you have any events coming up that I could help out with in anyway I would love to work with you. I can forward you my CV for your reference, or you can contact me on 07814414870.

    Kind regards,

    Cassie Best.

    • Hi Cassie

      I got an email about a food writing course, and I thought of you:

      Nikki Spencer is running two Taste of Food Writing courses this summer, a five-week evening class at Greenwich Community College starting on Tuesday 7 June (www.gcc.ac.uk) and a day course at City Lit (www.citylit.ac.uk) in Covent Garden on Sunday 19 June.

      I know Nikki from the Guild of Food Writers, and I think this would be really good. Hope all is well with you, Becky

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