Local producers

We are really lucky to have good local producers. Here are some local gems:

Redbournbury Mill

Spelt and wheat is milled here and baked into fab bread in the barn next door. Buy it there at the weekends or at the local farmer’s markets. The Pudding Stop bake there too.


Organic veg, fruit and herbs grown near Highfields. Amazing prices. Drop in mid-week and they will pick what you want so you can’t get fresher than that. Good honey too when they have some to sell.

Oaklands College

Rear and sell free range pigs and chickens (eggs too). Buy at A & C Meats, Catherine Street.

Hedges Farm

For amazing meat reared locally.

Carpenters Nursery and Farm Shop, Sandridge Road

Veggies and fruit, with seasonal things grown on the site. Family run too.

Hawkswick Fruit Farm, Harpenden Road

Pick your own strawberries, raspberries, redcurrants and gooseberries. Open June-Aug. Yum!

Great local butchers – eg. Hedges, A & C meats, Jelleys

All great sources of good quality meat, and cuts supermarkets just don’t do well.


One Response to Local producers

  1. cliveg says:

    Oh – you’ve missed the most amazing local beef producer. Hertfelt Produce in Harpenden See http://www.hertfeltproduce.co.uk/

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