Welwyn Street Food Monthly

NowNowBunnyChowFollowing the success of the Food & Drink Festival, Welwyn Garden City are now hosting monthly street food markets on Howardsgate. Perfect for this lovely warm weather, you can buy lunch or dinner after work from one of the food trucks and picnic in the gardens; a lovely escape from the working day!

Street Food Monthly used to be near John Lewis, but it is moving to its new location on the 13th July, where there is more space to eat and relax. The trucks will be serving food and snacks 12-7 so you can pop there after work too, where there will also be a bar and live music! Rowan Patel the organiser of GoatFest will be resident DJ from 4.15pm and 5pm, and there will be a performance from rock n’ roll musician Dallenger.

I had delicious Mexican food at the last market from Cantina Carnitas, who also help to organise the event. I chose a vegetarian burrito bowl, which contained delicious guacamole, black beans, salsa piled onto tortillas. They also do very good meaty burritos. Now Now Bunny Chow is a real favourite in local food festivals, with their take on South African beach food. Bunny Chow is traditionally served in a hollowed-out bread pot; their Durban Chicken Curry is excellent, as is the ‘veggie bunny’, which is mildly spiced butternut squash, chickpea and spinach curry.

Garlic and Olive do excellent souvlaki and grilled halloumi with salads, which will be amazing on a warm day; a real taste of Greece. For Chinese-style dumplings, head to the I am Dumpling stall; they do very good pork, chicken and veggie dumplings. If you would like a buttermilk chicken burger, or chicken wings, try Uncle G’s Gourmet Fried Chicken, and try with their signature slaw; perfect with a beer after work. Gourmet burgers will be sold by Cafe 77. For pud, La Flamenca will be there with churros which were hugely popular at the Festival.

The Street Food Monthly will also be on 10 August, 14 September and 12 October, helping us to make the most of the lovely summer months.

burrito bowl Cantina Carnitas


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