what a weekend..!

Wow – the St Albans film festival was fantastic. Well done to Leoni Kibbey and her amazing team – it was ambitious, bonkers, and full of creativity.

Highlights for me (and we all love a list)…

1. Pitching ideas at The Bakehouse with Sion Hughes. Fuelled by coffee, cake and soup we made our brains hurt with new ideas for films which we pitched to real-life producers in true dragons den-style. My idea: the menu of death. I can’t tell you anymore as I am sure I will be paid millions for it one day.

2. Cafe Rouge Opening Launch party. Cafe Rouge NEVER looked so good. Packed with cool people – actor types – including Jimmy from Downton and a Bond stuntman. Christiane Kubrick and Leoni Kibbey opened the festival – quite a coup as Christiane leads a very private life. Met a cool beer enthusiast and we ranted on for an hour about beer, camra etc. Entertainers, grown-up face painting, champagne and glamour. Why can’t Cafe Rouge be like this every week?

3. Children’s Short Film comp at St Peters. The parents at the school served delicious bacon sandwiches and cakes to keep everyone going – perfect. I was wowed by the standard of films – clever kids. Awards were presented along a lit red carpet to applause from a packed hall.

4. Animation workshop. My 10 year old went to this with a friend. The filmmaker teachers were so fab and enthusiastic their two hour session became three hours – that’s how to inspire a new generation. Thankfully the cafe in the Dagnall St church is a hidden gem and does bargain tea and cakes.

5. Darcy’s Red Carpet event. Ooh so glamorous! Welcomed by owner Ruth and champagne we had a fab dinner with local media types. Katharina Kubrick introduced the over 18s films. Special mention to the rum and raisin icecream and Phone xxx Grandma!

6. Feeling bleary on the Sunday morning but made it to the Hooray for Holywell making a film workshop at Verulamium museum. Loved this. Andrew showed the group a Laurel and Hardy film – why not – and then we rushed off in groups to make our own films. Mostly shots of our feet but it was a great laugh. Quick dart to Inn on the Park for coffee and twixes and back in time to see the finished films and enjoy the award ceremony.

Loved it all – looking forward to next year to do all the things we couldn’t fit in!


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