well well Morrisons has surprised me

Well, well, times are changing! I went in to Morrisons yesterday and there has been a complete change of layout by the entrance. The cheap muffins, buns and pastries have gone completely along with the pumped out baking smell and instead the first aisle is BRITISH veg! Rainbow chard, carrots, cabbages – right in the entrance. This is what campaigners have been after for ages, so one of the big supermarkets has actually listened! The imported fruit and veg is still there of course but the SEASONAL British veg is first.

Of course the buns etc are still for sale but at the back of the shop so they are less of an impulse buy. I asked the checkout assistant about it and he said lots of shoppers have said how much they like it and sales in the shop are up by almost double.

The downside is that local greengrocers who have been doing this for years may suffer a fall in trade. The reality is that as most of our population shop in supermarkets, this is where change is important. What do you think?


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2 Responses to well well Morrisons has surprised me

  1. Ed says:

    Its not just good British veg but also a great range of East Asian veg. I think it’s great what Morrisons have done and I hope that other super markets will also rise the bar.

  2. Yummier Mummy says:

    I finally visited today after wanting to go for months. It’s fantastic. It was the fruit and veg that wowed me – i left with 3 different types of beetroot, a stripy aubergine and various other bits I didn’t need.
    I’ve moved up here from London, and have missed the selection of fruit and veg I could buy in the Farmers’ Mkts. This has really cheered me up. There are some interesting Middle Eastern grocers near there too which I hadn’t found elsewhere in St Albans. Great news.

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