a face for radio

If you were in Inverness yesterday you may have heard my English voice on the radio. I took part in the live – yes live – show Kitchen Cafe for BBC Radio Scotland giving my opinions about lunch.

If you are quick you can still hear it on iplayer – search for Kitchen Cafe.

So, why me? I’m writing a book about taking your lunch to work. I have had enough of queuing in M&S for 20 minutes to then spend £6 on a salad and drink. Looking around the office when I go in I see some very depressing home-made sandwiches (white bread with ham… boring) so I thought someone else must want ideas for grown-up, tasty, healthy lunches.

The show is very interesting – the producers went into an office to ask everyone what they had for lunch. The presenter Pennie Latin then asked me for ideas on tasty lunches and why we should try and change habits.

Have a listen and let me know what you eat for lunch.




About thelocalfoodie

Food writer for The Herts Advertiser.
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2 Responses to a face for radio

  1. Liz says:

    Some yummy leek soup and cheese on toast! The pleasures of ‘working’ from home!

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