Bourngiorno Italia is growing

Very worrying news for my waistline but Bourngiorno Italia now sells delicious Italian icecream! Yesterday Tony and team moved next door into their new deli. It is light, bright and more spacious, and there is now space for seating. A sparkling new coffee machine is ready for action, and I have a spot booked for next week, when I plan to try the new pastries too. I’ll ask Tony what the plans are for the cafe next door, and let you know.

All the old favourites are there; the fab cheeses, hams, peppers etc. But there is now space for an extended range and customers have more space to potter about. Go and have a look. And try the pistachio or watermelon icecreams…


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Food writer for The Herts Advertiser.
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2 Responses to Bourngiorno Italia is growing

  1. Carol Humphreys says:

    Love the new shop, delicious ice cream, well done Tony.

  2. Liz says:

    Sounds like the perfect after-school treat!! See you there!!

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