Ok so not strictly LOCAL but I went to a sushi making class last night. Kathy Evershed was raised in Japan and makes amazing sushi, and we have been pestering her to show us how for ages. Kathy is the one standing up, and Claire is fanning the rice (yes really) which apparently keeps it glossy.

We made 4 types of sushi including an inside-out one. Oh yes. The rice was on the outside! That’s how good we got. We flavoured our rice, squashed it onto the seaweed and added thin strips of salmon, asparagus, peppers and carrots. Lots of rice got stuck to fingers, but well, you can always nibble it off.

And this is what we made! Some were better than others, and standards did slide a little as the evening went on, but a good effort all round. When we finished, Kathy set the table with authentic china, miso soup, chopsticks, pickles and sauces so we could eat our efforts. Really good fun and very delicious!



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2 Responses to Sushi!!

  1. MichelleLake says:

    looks like great fun! I’m disappointed though. When i saw you the “sushi” header i thought you might be telling us of a sushi restaurant opening in St Albans!

  2. If you want to have your own sushi party, email

    About the cost of a night out but in, if you see what I mean! Really good fun. B

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