A bit more news. Thanks to Wendy for telling me that a new Cupcake shop is opening in St Albans town centre near the clock tower. They are recruiting at the moment. If you can’t wait til then, don’t forget Yummy Mummy Cakes in Harpenden and Heaven Is a Cupcake who are based online.

Lussmann’s have a very loyal local following and have been nominated for The Observer Food Monthly awards. This is a truly local independent restaurant that sources sustainable, seasonal ingredients. Also winner of last year’s St Albans Restaurant of the Year. If you are a fan like me, do vote for them, and let’s help to put St Albans on the map; it’s not just London that does great restaurants!

Bourngiorno Italia is making good progress with its extension; I’ll let you know when it opens. We can look forward to more Italian goodies to buy and space to sit and enjoy a coffee. Like we need any more excuses…

I’m off wine tasting next week, so more on that soon. Next week I’m writing about BEER but I can’t say anymore just yet.

Let me know any local foodie news and I’ll spread the word.


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3 Responses to News…

  1. Melanie says:

    I’ve voted for Lussmanns on the guardian/ observer site. I hope they get nominated. Would be terrific for their hardwork to be rewarded.

    I’m amazed though that a cupcake shop is a viable business. I wish then luck and I’ll go and see if I’m tempted.

    Love the Italian deli so pleased they are doing more with it.
    Thanks for the updates Becky!

  2. Lucy says:

    Thanks for the mention Becky! Hi Melanie, you should definitely check out my cupcakes – they are not the norm and are the best in St Albans 😉

    Lucy x

  3. Liz says:

    I really hope the cupcake shop can make a go of it – the Hummingbird Bakery in Notting Hill seems to do well, doesn’t it? They are expensive, though, and I wonder if the good folk of St Albans will be willing to stump up?!

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