lovely marmalade

I just made this year’s marmalade using a new recipe – this time from Nigella’s How to Eat. This was even simpler than The River Cafe one from last year. I used 750g Seville oranges, 1.4kg sugar, 2 lemons. You boil the oranges whole for 2 hours in 1.2 litres of water. Pop a china saucer in the freezer. Then remove the seeds and put them in a small pan. Simmer for 5 mins. Chop the remaining fruit and put back in the original pan with the remaining cooking water. Sieve the pippy water and add the water to the orange mush. Boil it all together for 15 minutes until it reaches setting point. Check this by putting a teaspoonful on your frozen saucer. If the marmalade wrinkle when you prod it, it is ready. It will still look runny but a bit thick. Pour it into jars (sterilise by washing in dishwasher first). Let it cool for ten minutes then put lids on. We got size jars from this quantity. So the cost is about £2 for six jars.


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